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90-1: Banafsheh

WIM Studio (Design / Build)

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Architect: Babak Afshari

Client: Mr. Mahmoudi

Usage: Residential

Date: 2011

Location: Pirouzi, Tehran, Iran

Scale: Small - 300 Sqm

Contract Type: Design / Build

Status: Completed (Renovation - Multi Unit Apartment)

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The project started on a 70-year-old duplex house in the old area of Pirouzi neighborhood, Boroujerdi square, Tehran, Iran and became a 4-floor residential building.

After the initial studies, according to the client’s wishes, the historical background of the building and the low-income group living in that city area, a 4-floor residential apartment was designed with the first and second floors as duplex for the client’s personal use replacing their old villa and the other two floors, considered as two separate and independent floors.

One of the challenges was the low budget of the client for construction, and this issue changed the design path in the middle of the project, and with the arrival of the investor, the typology of the floors changed into a single unit and in interior design and layout, simplicity and maximum use of space were considered.

The only public views of the building were the south and east views, which received more daylight. Therefore, by creating variety and reducing the uniformity of the facade among the travertine stone surfaces, 4 mm laminated glass with a repetitive rhythm was used.