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94-1: Actress House

WIM Studio (Design / Build)

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Architect: Babak Afshari

Client: Bahareh Afshari

Usage: Residential

Date: 2015

Location: Zafar, Tehran, Iran

Scale: Small - 80 Sqm

Contract Type: Design / Build

Status: Completed (Renovation - Single Unit Apartment)

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The project aim was to redesign a house that is simple, special and modern and also designed in accordance with the profession of the employer (painter and actor).

Prior to the reconstruction, the house plan was a two-bedroom unit. According to the common view of the architect and the employer, maximum possible space was allocated to the public area, such as the TV room and living space and the private area space (bedroom) was reduced.

In the living space, a simple yet harmonious arrangement without physical boundaries was designed along with the semi-private study space and the kitchen, so that practically all of these spaces have formed a coherent whole.

Special and visible items in every corner of the house, depending on the interests, profession and nostalgic sense of the employer was used as as influential and significant elements, and turned each part of the house into a place with its own characteristics.