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95-1: Paykan

WIM Studio (Design / Build)

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Architect: Babak Afshari

Client: Mr. Asadollahi

Usage: Residential

Date: 2016

Location: Sa'adatAbad, Tehran, Iran

Scale: Small - 200 Sqm

Contract Type: Design / Build

Status: Completed (Renovation - Single Unit Apartment)

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Most property owners are not able to buy the right house for their needs due to the increase in prices and the market sales and the lack of quality and their budget. Therefore, paying attention to the reconstruction of residential space may be a better solution to solve this problem.

In the Peykan reconstruction project, the client (who was an automotive industry manager and, also a calligrapher) decided to buy an old apartment and renovate it in the desired style and quality due to the lack of an ideal new home to buy.

The design concept was based on separation of public and private spaces to maintain privacy and to create a public and global joint to connect the spaces as well as to create a large public space called open plan without creating physical boundaries in interior design.

By the request of the client, the kitchen space divided into two parts: dirty and clean kitchen spaces. The dirty kitchen part is separated from the end of the clean kitchen with a blade and placed in such a way that it is not visible.

In this project, the client wanted a place to host foreign guests, with considering such a semi-private space with the requested use next to public spaces, made it as the most important challenge in the design phase.

Our design idea for this challenge was a crotch chair, and a symmetrical pattern stone background on the wall.