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96-2: Goldan

WIM Studio (Design / Build)

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Architect: Babak Afshari

Client: Mr. Beheshti

Usage: Residential

Date: 2018

Location: Jordan, Tehran, Iran

Scale: Small - 93 Sqm

Contract Type: Design / Build

Status: Completed (Renovation - Single Unit Apartment)

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Goldan was a unit in a 40-year-old residential tower on Jordan street, Tehran.

The first challenge of the project reconstruction was the impossibility of moving the blades due to structural constraints, which by moving the entrance of rooms and services, we provided easy access and at the same time, maximum use of space in the interior.

The second challenge was the limited budget and possibility of changing the usage from residential to office use in the future. Therefore, in interior design, simple, white and unadorned surfaces were considered and implemented.